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Knotless Netting

NAG Bag Slow Hay Feeders

Reduce costly wasted hay & ensure a continuous feed for your animals

NAG Bag™ slow hay feeders provides a true grazing system which supports a healthy digestion system. NAG Bags™ also helps with colic, cribbing ulcers, allergies and general boredom. Many veterinarians & equine facilities promote NAG Bags™ as they see the true benefits of using slow hay feeders.


A wide variety of sizes at style to suite any of your feeding needs. This includes small two flake bags, hanging bags to full square bale bags. All avaliable in the soft, knotless mesh in either 1", 1.5" and 3". 

We love NAG Bags™ and have been using them for over 10 years. The soft durable netting gives our horses optimal physical and emotional health. These bags are great for all grazing animals including donkeys, goats, sheep, llamas, miniatures & even chickens!

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NAG Bag  Features:

  • Reduces hay waste.

  • Encourages healthy digestion. 

  • Mimics the natural "grazing" action to reduce boredom.

  • Reduces colic & inhalant allergies.

  • Knotless netting comes in 1", 1.5"& 2" mesh size.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes for every use such as trailering, stalling, day bags, fencing feeding & small square bales.

  • See the Yard Products page for our Poly Hay Ring Feeders with NAG Bag™.

Most Common NAG Bag Sizes:

so many sizes to suite your feeding needs!

Trailer Bag
Hanging Bag
Day Bag
EZ-Fill Feeder
Square Bale Bag
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How Can I Purchase NAG Bag?

Contact our office to place your order. Pricing is dependant on location, amount and shipping.


We also have NAG Bag Round Bale Bags

These bags can hold large round bales and large square bale bags. 

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Hay & Grain Feeder 

Can be used for indoor feeding or outdoor fence feeding!

These hay and grain feeders are an ideal feeder for your horses as well as other small livestock. This dual-purpose feeder offers the convenience of storing both feed and hay. The bottom can store up to 17 quarts of dry feed while the top can store 3 to 5 flakes of hay. Plus, the rounded inside corners make cleaning a breeze!


Veterinarians and equine health professionals, stable managers, equine teaching facilities and owners are all seeing the superior benefits of using a feeder with a NAG Bag™ slow feeding system.

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Hay & Grain Feeder Features:

  • 17-quart capacity bottom tray for dry feed.

  • 3 to 5 flakes of hay capacity at top.

  • Safe for your livestock.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Rounded and smooth edges.

  • Weather-resistant.

How Can I Purchase Hay & Grain Feeder?

Contact our office to place your order. Pricing is dependant on location, amount and shipping.

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