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  • Animal Bedding

    We offer a variety of different size to suite your preference and needs. 


    • Single Bags

    • Single Pallets

    • Full Truck Loads

    • Bulk Loads


    A number of different animal industries use our shavings! Including equine facilities, dairy farms, poultry and swine, also including small animals. Therefore we have have shavings for you.

  • Arena Dust Control

    Our arena dust control division is completed with:



    • Footing suitability testing.

    • Dust control applications.

    • Arena installs, builds and footing consults. 


    Just a phone call or email away we will provide you with exceptional customer service. We also have our own installation team and contacts with many others who we can work with to fulfill your installation requirements.

  • Feeding Management 

    We offer a wide range of feeders including:


    • AGI Poly Hay Ring.

    • Round Bale Bags.

    • Hay & Grain Feeders.

    • NAG Bag Slow Hay Feeders. 


    Our Sherwood Park location provides you with a quick stop for picking up your slow feeding needs!


    All of our staff are trained and care about every client's needs. We also offer pre-assembly on poly hay ring feeder, only if picked up from our location.

  • Horse Leg Health

    We’re happy to make the EquiCrown® selection process a happy and successful experience for you and your horse. 



    • Active Wraps.

    • FIT Wraps.

    • MTM Wraps.


    Our staff will ensure your order is taken care of from the time of your first call, to when your order is delivered. We are happy to answer any questions you have about sizing, arranging pickup, shipping, or information about our other quality products. 


Family Strong 

Our Business 

We provide a variety of services & products to local and international clients!


Pine Shavings – WHOA Dust Arena Dust Control – NAG Bags Slow Hay Feeders – EquiCrown Compression Wraps – Surgical & Wound Wraps - Stall Mats - Sirocco - Skin Healing Creams.


Pick up & Delivery Available. 

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