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Control the dust from rising in your indoor and outdoor arena! Safe for you, your horse and the environment. 

Arena Footing & Dust Control


Easy to Apply


Water Less


Indoor & Outdoor


Reduces Dust

The world's safest dust control


WHOA Dust™ works on the fundamentals of physics and does not rely on harsh, leaching chemicals to achieve its goal. Conventional dust control products often bind footing together too tightly, offering a short-term solution and a long-term problem.  


WHOA Dust™ has three main purposes: 

  • Controls & stops dust from rising

  • Reduces watering time by a minimum of 50%

  • Provides a firmer & more desirable footing


WHOA Dust™ is not like any other dust control product!

WHOA Dust  Features:

  • Simple and easy to apply

  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs

  • Environmentally and Animal safe 

  • Can be used if Calcium Chloride has been used

  • More cost-effective than any other dust control

  • Can last up to 16 months between treatment

  • Most arenas cost $499 or less!

WHOA Dust Arenas:

We're proud to have clients all over the world!

WHOA Dust Can Be With Almost all Footing!

From outdoor to indoor and from big to small! You can use anywhere!

How Can I Purchase WHOA Dust?

Contact our office to place your order. Or visit our exclusive WHOA Dust™ website for calculating your arena!


"Reduced dust & watering"

"We had WHOA Dust™ applied to our central riding arena in Silver Lakes, CA. We have noticed a diminished dust and water retention under the surface is realized! Great product and wonderful customer service!


Silver Lakes Equestrian Center, Helendale, CA

"Footing stayed moirt & consistent"

"This winter was the easiest winter we have had in terms of arena maintenance. With virtually no watering, the footing stayed moist and consistent. It did not move or shift near as much as before and the outside track could handle a lot more traffic before it needed to be raked. So far I have been very happy with the results of WHOA DUST™ and would recommend it to anyone."


Sonya Campbell Owner of 

Topline Stable & Show Park , Salmon Arm, BC

"Superior Investment"

"We have WHOA Dust™ in our arena and we absolutely love it. We are a multi-functional arena, meaning we have all disciplines of riders, barrel racers, reiners, jumpers, Tennessee walking horses, you name it we have it here in Whitecourt. Everyone loves the dust free zone. We also rent out to dog agility and archery people and even a car show once in a while. No complaints whatsoever.  BRING ON THE WHOA Dust™"


Julie Cook - Whitecourt & District Agricultural Society, Leduc County, AB

Arena Builds

We help find the correct footing, fix base issues, and consult for large arena builds & renewal of footing. 

Arena Help

We help clients with footing issues such as drainage, deep footing, dust issues & general maintenance tips!

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