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We carry the latest horse barn equipment from Hi-Hog stalls, stall mats, hay feeders to clean dust-free animal bedding. Good barn health starts with clean, dry bedding.

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AGI Poly Hay Ring

Reduce waste & ensure a continuous forage.

The Adjustable Poly Hay Rings have been designed with safety and efficiently in mind. A safer alternative than open metal feeders, but also minimizing hay loss. By reducing loss, you will spend less time refilling and less money on hay. Because they are weather resistant and have been UV-stabilized, they will stand up to prolonged sun exposure. Plus, our feeders feature rounded inside corners to make clean-out quicker and easier.


Veterinarians and equine health professionals, stable managers, equine teaching facilities and owners are all seeing the superior benefits of using a Poly Ring with a NAG Bag™ slow feeding system.


Poly Hay Ring Benefits:

  • Keeps hay confined for minimal waste.

  • Extremely easy to use and too relocate.

  • Eliminate rushing home to feed.

  • Slow down digestion/consumption.

  • Prevent digestive issues such as colic, ulcers, cribbing, inhalant allergies and boredom!

  • Save hours of labour on feeding.

  • Horses are ready to ride.

  • Mimics grazing action.

  • Ensure horses are never without fibre intake.

  • Obese horses to lose weight and thin horses to gain weight.

Poly Hay Ring Sizes & Hardware: 

Connect with us for help on sizing or any questions on slow hay feeders!


Poly Hay Ring

Poly Hay Ring

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"Winter Feeding"

"This winter feeding horses was easy - 4 round bale hay nets set around our 40 acres worked wonders, horses traveled around to the bales and no wasted hay - super product!"



"The Best Feeder"

Our poly ring & net are into their 4th winter of use & still going strong 😃 Best. Setup. EVER!!



"Superior Investment for the farm"

These feeders are amazing! There is not one pound of feed wasted. We are no longer wasting 20 to 30 percent of a bale. The feeders provide a 24-hour source of forage and keep the horses busy. The horses are always fed and ready for riding. One person can change out the bale.  Just remove the string or wrap from around the bale and toss the feeder over. These feeders are tough but light. There is absolutely no downside to these feeders.



We also have NAG Bag small slow hay feeders

These bags can single flakes, half bales and full square bale bags.

Contact us for availability and pricing.

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