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We carry the latest horse barn equipment from Hi-Hog stalls, stall mats, hay feeders to clean dust-free animal bedding. Good barn health starts with clean, dry bedding.

Stalls & Stall Mats




Tightly Interlocking


Silver Protection


Therapeutic Foam Rubber

SilverTec  Stall Mats


SilverTec™ Therapeutic Stall Mats are made exclusively for Strathcona Ventures by the top agricultural mat manufacturer in the world. Our goal when designing these mats was to have a product that would withstand the wear and tear of barn life, provide a much higher level of biosecurity than found with existing therapeutic mats, and be light enough to lift for sanitizing. 

SilverTec™ Stall Mats are therapeutic, non-permeable foam rubber composite mats. The mats are 25 mm thick with 5 mm of Colloidal Silver embedded in the top surface to control microbial growth and staining. SilverTec™ stall mats interlock on three sides to prevent shifting installs, and the underside of the mats is embossed to allow for airflow.

SilverTec™ Stall Mats are used in a variety of private and commercial facilities, veterinary clinics, and veterinary teaching facilities!

Silver Mat Features:

  • 4’ x 6’ interlocking on 3-sides.

  • Made of a therapeutic non-permeable micro-cellular foam rubber composite.

  • 25 mm thick for a long-lasting lifespan.

  • Non-slip surface for additional safety.

  • Weigh 35 LBS each for easy cleaning and installation.

  • 5 mm colloidal silver surface layer embedded to control microbial growth and staining.

Most Common Silver Mat Uses?

Many Areas Benefit from Stall Mats!

How Can I Purchase Stall Mats?

Contact our office to place your order. Pricing is dependant on location, amount and shipping.


SilverTec Stall Mats

SilverTec Stall Mats

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"Best Therapeutic Stall mat"

“I have used other therapeutic stall mats in the past; these mats are so much easier to clean than the other therapeutic mats we used to have – and the horses really like the super soft comfort provided by the mats.”


L. Filianti

"Best Boarding Facility Mat"

"If you are considering replacing your mats, or putting mats in anywhere for the first time, seriously consider these SilverTec™ mats. We have been boarding horses for over 25 years, and every once in a while something comes along that reinvents the wheel. These mats are one of those things."


Gaitpost Magazine 

"Superior Investment"

"It’s the best decision and investment we have made. The mats were easy to lay and cut to fit. We now use a fraction of the amount of shavings spreading them mainly around the edges where her manure and urine tend to migrate. We muck out twice daily and it is so easy and quick."


A. Drew

Black Rubber Stall Mats


Our durable, wear-resistant, and resilient black mat flooring is ideal for stalls, wash racks, aisle ways, and heavy traffic areas. These mats are designed to protect your floors while providing a slip-resistant, comfortable and attractive surface. 


This eco-friendly product is made from recycled rubber and offers maximum traction even in wet conditions. Our standard black matting is easy to install and provides traction and comfort.

Talk To Us Today! 

Black Mat Features:

  • 4′ x 6′ in size.

  • 3/4″ or 1/2″ thick.

  • Easy to install.

  • High traction rubber.

  • Straight or interlocking edges.

  • Does not promote bacterial growth.

  • Waterproof/non-permeable material.

  • Made with recycled rubber.

  • Vulcanized rubber; will not curl or separate.

Most Common Black Mat Uses?

Many Areas Benefit from Stall Mats!

More Products We Carry!

Paddock slabs, entry mats and much more!

Hi-Hog Box Stalls


Hi-Hog’s outstanding box stalls will look great in any barn.

The modular stall system makes it easy to plan and install a stabling solution that will meet your needs and budget. The solid welded construction will provide safe and reliable stalls for years to come in standard 10' and 12' lengths. Custom lengths are also available. 

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