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Simply Straw’s™ Straw Bedding is the perfect choice for animal bedding. Its dust-extracted, highly absorbent and dust-free characteristics make it ideal for animals, reducing respiratory problems and allergies. This bedding is also easily compostable, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious owners. The natural insulation of straw bedding helps animals stay warm and comfortable during cold winters. Simply Straw’s™ Straw Bedding is the perfect solution for your animal’s bedding needs.

Straw Bedding

SKU: 0006
    • Dust-Extracted

    • Increases Comfort & Health

    • Highly Absorbent

    • Biodegrades 8X Faster

    • 100% Renewable Resource

    • Soft Silky-Smooth

    • Premium Product

    • All Natural

    • 3 cu ft Bag Expanding to 10 cu ft

    • 25 Pounds

    • 45 Bag Per Pallet

    • Shrink Wrapped & Rain-capped

    • 1040 or 1120 Bags per Truckload

  • This product can be picked up or shipped! Contact us for a quote! Our experienced client service representatives will take care of your order from start to finish. We will arrange the delivery of a full truckload to your facility through one of our trusted logistics partners. 

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