Simply Straw’s™ dust-extracted, highly absorbent, easily compostable characteristics make it ideal for all your bedding needs on the farm. It's a 100% renewable environmentally-friendly all-natural product. Simply Straw™  bedding benefits not only the animals but also the individuals working in the barns, as well as reducing barn maintenance costs.


Dust-extracted straw is significantly more absorbent than non-processed straw or traditional wood shavings. Our highly absorbent product will decrease the presence of ammonia and odour in barns, creating a more bio secure environment. Simply Straw™  is significantly less abrasive than wood shavings creating a soft, silky, smooth animal bed.


Simply Straw™  biodegrades much faster than wood shavings which help to reduce the size of manure piles. Dust-extracted straw is a great choice for farmers who want to take advantage of putting nutrients back onto their land.

Straw Bedding

SKU: 0006
    • Dust-Extracted

    • Comes in Different Sizes: 25mm 50mm 75mm

    • Increases Comfort & Health

    • Highly Absorbent

    • Biodegrades 8X Faster

    • 100% Renewable Resource

    • Soft Silky-Smooth

    • Premium Product

    • All Natural

    • 3 cu ft Bag Expanding to 10 cu ft

    • 27-29 Pounds

    • 45 Bag Pallets

    • Shrink Wrapped & Rain-capped

    • 1040 or 1210 Bags per Truckload

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