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Sirocco is formulated from a combination of mineral absorbents (clay), vegetal (vegetable oil) compounds and essential oils that provide a safe, natural and effective sanitation of stalls, outdoor shelters, paddocks, and trailers. It is specially formulated to keep bedding dry by absorbing urine and moisture.


Sirocco absorbs fluids and moisture from bedding; hinders conversion of urine and manure to ammonia and nitrogen gasses; reducing fermentation and heat generation; and development of unpleasant and irritating odours. The essential oils sanitize the air and repel insects. Sirocco is the perfect answer to hygiene and odour challenges within stables and other confined areas and helps to extend the life expectancy of animal bedding.


Sirocco is the ultimate treatment for all bedding materials including Straw, Wood Shavings, Hemp, paper and other bedding products…


  • Application Tips:

    • Keep a 1 cup measure and plastic hand-held strainer wherever you use Sirocco
    • Measure the amount out for the area
    • Put into the plastic hand-held strainer and sprinkle evenly over the bedding
    • Mix with manure fork or appropriate tool for the area
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