Moisten, groom, apply, groom and water. No need for expensive equipment or protective gear, anyone can safely and easily apply. Use the equipment you already have! WHOA Dust™! Every order is tendered with a custom application and instructional form for customer support. The initial application can be done under 2 hours, and can be ridden in right after. We do recommend to allow 12-24 hours for best results. 


We recognize water is a precious commodity. WHOA Dust’s™ ability to help retain even moisture means a reduction in volume and frequency of watering. The unique fundamentals of WHOA Dust™ retains moisture while still promoting good drainage. This combination reduces dust and lessen the volume of watering required. Arenas with high humidity or condensation have noted almost a complete stop of watering.

WHOA Dust Arena Dust Control

SKU: 0008
  • Proven in arenas around the world, with different climates, and for both old and new arenas. The old, existing footing that has been pulverized will be charged back together. Stabilizing the footing, and rejuvenating it. While new loose or tight footing, will charge the dust in the arena to a negative pole, thus linking it to the sand. The sand and dust will continuously link together causing the footing to stabilize quickly and reduce displacement. WHOA Dust™ will put life back to your footing; giving spring back while ensuring accurate and even moisture retention. 

    Make it easier to groom, water and maintain your arena like a pro! Made a safe and biodegradable product, WHOA Dust™ will even out moisture and cause footing to move evenly when grooming while retaining optimal moisture. This feature greatly increases the longevity and responsiveness of your arena footing and contributes to a more effortless way of maintaining. 

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