We strongly believe in clean, dry bedding to support good barn health for livestock and handlers. The 100% Pine wood shavings have the added benefit of naturally occurring terpenes in the fibre. The terpenes are a natural anti-microbial which as a result will help control insect and microbial production in your barn, trailer or coop. Additionally this helps absorb ammonia and nitrogen from barn waste faster and more effectively than other species of wood shavings.


Pricing from our location in Sherwood Park:

Single Bgas - $5.75

1 Pallet (54 or 45 bags) - $5.25

2+ Pallets (54 or 45 bags) - $4.90


For full load or bulk pricing contact us with your location! 


Pine Shavings Bedding

SKU: 0005
  • From fine, medium flake and large flake, we offer a variety of different size to suite your preference and needs. A number of different animal industries use our shavings! Including equine facilities, dairy farms, poultry and swine, also including small animals. Therefore we have have shavings for you.